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Cobra Optics Fury NVG™


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Gen 2+ Russian
Gen 2+ Russian Enhanced
Photonis Gen 2+
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Photonis XD-4AG
Photonis XD-4AG ONYX
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Photonis XR-5AG ONYX
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Fury NVG™

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Gen 2+ Russian

Cobra Optics Fury NVG™ Gen 2 + Russian


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Fury NVG™

Product Description

The Cobra Optics Fury NVG™ is a Gen 2/Gen 3 night vision monocular goggle. It has a compact, rugged, weather resistant body shell. It offers 1.0x magnification via a 26mm f1.2 objective lens that offers a 40 ° field of view. It is a night vision monocular attached to a headmount so that it becomes a hands free device.

It has a built in short range IR illuminator, IR ‘on’ and low battery indicators.

The Cobra Optics Fury NVG™ comes with a SLR/Video Camera adaptor included allowing you to attach a camera to the eyepiece of the device when not on the headmount.


• Compact, rugged and weather resistant bodyshell
• 1.0x magnification
• 26mm f1.2 objective lens
• 40° field of view
• Can be used as a hands-free device
• Built in short range IR illuminator
• IR ‘On’ and low battery indicators
• Comes with SLR/Video camera adaptor
• Supplied with shoulder carry case

Please note:
• The 7019 Cobra Optics 26mm f1.1 Lens accessory is only applicable for the Russian Gen2+ model.
• The 7033 Cobra Optics 26mm f1.2 & 7033-1 Cobra Optics 26mm f1.2 Lens w/Aimpoint® Adapter are only suitable for the Photonis and Gen 3 models.