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Cobra Optics Tempest™


Select intensifier tube:

Gen 2+ Russian
Gen 2+ Russian Enhanced
Photonis Gen 2+
Photonis SuperGen
Photonis XD-4
Photonis XD-4 ONYX
Photonis XD-4AG
Photonis XD-4AG ONYX
Photonis XR-5
Photonis XR-5 ONYX
Photonis XR-5AG
Photonis XR-5AG ONYX
Gen 3 Commercial
Gen 3 Premium



Selected model:

Gen 2+ Russian

Cobra Optics Tempest™ Gen 2 + Russian


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Product Description

The Gen 2 series Cobra Optics Tempest™ is a unique, compact 3-in-1 design - day telescopic sight, night vision sight and night vision monocular. The standard variant utilises a commercial grade Russian Gen 2+ image intensifier tube. There is a choice of 13 image intensifier tubes - from Russian Gen 2+ through every variant of Photonis to Gen 3 premium tubes.

Utilising an interchangeable eyepiece system, you can quickly change between day and night use. The night vision eyepiece can also be used as a 1.0x hand-held monocular via attachment of an optical inverter (included).A fast aperture (f1.5) and large front optic (66mm), combined with a fixed magnification, maximises light transmission and optical quality. Other day/night systems offer smaller front optics and zoom magnification which will noticeably degrade both of these elements.

This is a truly 24/7 system - changing the day/night eyepiece has no effect on the rifles zero and eyerelief is the same. As a night vision weapon sight it is parallax-free at any distance. It is shockproof even with heavy recoil calibers - .375 H&H, .416 Rigby and even .50 calibres. Because the night vision eyepiece is basically a sealed monocular, weatherproofing is maximised. In fact, a large proportion of the monoculars front lens can be dirty before it has any effect on the unit when used as a night sight.

An optional photo/video adaptor is available that can be used both in both night vision sight and monocular modes. The monocular can also be fitted with the 7029 3.0x Lens Converter, giving you a 3.0x hand-held option. The Tempest™ will accept an optional high power infrared (IR) illuminator for very low light/total darkness capability - the IR illuminator providing the scope with its own light source. The unit is fitted with a Weaver mount as standard.

Magnification: 7.0x Day/3.7x Night/1.0x Night Monocular

Field of View: 3.7° Day/7.4°Night/37° Night Monocular

Weight: 990g Day/1050g Night/380g Night Monocular

Dimensions: 330x80x74mm Day/330x80x82mm Night/200x48x71mm Night Monocular


• Compact 3 in 1 design
• Utilises a commercial grade Russian Gen 2+ image intensifier tube
• Choice of 13 image intensifier tubes from Russian Gen 2+ and Gen 3+ premium rubes
• Interchangeable eyepiece system
• Can be used as a 1.0x handheld monocular via an attachment of an optical inverter (included)
• Large 66mm front optics
• Fixed Magnification
• Maximises light transmission and optical quality
• Shockproof and weatherproof
• Can be fitted with 7029 3.0x lens converter
• High power infrared IR illuminator
• Fitted with a weaver mount
• Magnifications – 7.0x Day/3.7x Night/ 1.0X Night Monocular
• Field of View – 3.7° Day/ 7.4° Night/37° Night Monocular
• Comes with carry case

Please note:
• The 79076 Pulsar 940 IR Flashlight will only work with Gen 3 variants.