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Why Opt for the newly improved Forward Series by Pulsar?

Written by Charlie

The Pulsar Forward Series is a convenient and cost effective Digital Night Vision front attachment that can be used to convert your day scope into a highly accurate and sensitive Night Vision scope. Many of you may remember the original, Forward DFA75. This has been superseded with the new Forward F135 (DFA) and the Forward F155 (DFA). We wanted to make people aware of the significant improvements offered by the new models.

The old DFA75, used an offset lens optical arrangement, meaning that, the user had to compensate when shooting over or under their zeroed distance. The fact that the new Forward Series is an in-line front attachment, means that no adjustment is required for the distance as the central sight-line is maintained so that the day scope effectively sees directly through the new Forward device and allows the shooter to retain their natural positioning.

Of course, the most obvious difference is the visual appearance. As compact and lightweight as the old Forward Series was, the new Forward series is even more compact with the Forward F155 weighing just 460g, compared to the Forward DFA75, which weighed 560g. Visually the new Forward Series now features all of its controls on the top of the unit, allowing for easier functionality, whereas the older Forward series had all buttons featured on the side of the device. Both series use wireless remotes for effortless operation.

When it comes to comparing how the old and new devices are powered, a vast improvement has been made, meaning the user can spend much more time out in the field. Compared to the original Forward DFA75, the new Forward F135 and F155 now use Pulsars B-Pack system, which is quick-detachable and means there is no need to replace individual batteries, which can often be a rather challenging task at night. There are two different options for the B-Pack system, the IPS5 or IPS10, with the latter giving a total of 20 hours operating time and 8 hours of charge time, whilst the IPS5 provides half of the operating time and charge time and is supplied with both Forward models.

So, many people ask what else makes the new Forward series better than the original? As technology has improved, the old series only delivered a Video Out socket to record your activities, whereas the new series includes the built-in Stream Vision Technology with internal video storage and built-in Wi-Fi, which can be installed via the smartphone app. Stream Vision allows the device to be controlled by a smartphone and footage can also be streamed to it.

The new Forward F135 is optimised for 2.0x-6.0x magnification day scope and the F155 is optimised for an even greater 4.0x-8.0x magnification day scope, whereas the older series was only optimised for up to a 7x magnification day scope. There is a greater detection range on the Forward F155 and this reaches a maximum of 450m, whilst the Forward DFA75 specified a maximum of 400m.

Both series use IR Illuminators with the new Forward delivering a higher powered interchangeable 3-step LED 940nm (invisible) IR illuminator, offering quality long-distance illumination for the 702x526 CMOS Sensor. This gives excellent detailed image capture to the Night Vision attachment.

When it comes to Cover Ring Adaptors, that attach the Forward to the front of your scope, there are three options available, the FN 42mm, FN 50mm and the FN 56mm that come with a number of shims to fit a variety of day scopes. There are now four locking points that attach the Forward F135 & F155 to the Cover Ring Adaptors. Plus, the newer Forward Series has a high shock resistance of up to and is highly waterproof (IPX7).

Overall the Forward F135 and F155 have better price points for the features and specifications that come with the newer models, saving not only money but the time and they offer greater convenience. The new Forward Series delivers an impressive degree of clarity, is extremely versatile and transforms your day scope into an effective Night Vision Unit.

Forward Series SRP’s
Forward F135 (DFA) - £889.95 (Inc. VAT)

Forward F155 (DFA) - £989.95 (Inc. VAT)

To find out more about the new Forward models CLICK HERE.

The Forward Series includes the below:
• Carrying case
• Wireless remote control
Pulsar Ultra-940 IR Illuminator
• Battery charger with mains charger
• Micro USB cable
• Lens/eyepiece protective covers
• User manual
• Lens Cloth
• Warranty card

Take a look at the links below for the full-range of accessories that are compatible with the Forward Series:
Pulsar Ultra 850 IR Illuminator
Pulsar Ultra AL-915 IR Illuminator
PB8i Power Bank
• 3x Cover Rings (FN 42mm, FN 50mm, FN 56mm)

Last updated: 28/03/2018 16:08:43


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