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Guide Infrared MGP01 SAGA Drone


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MGP01 SAGA Drone

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MGP01 SAGA Drone



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MGP01 SAGA Drone

Product Description

The SAGA Drone is a light industrial UAV system with military-level quality, a portable design and modular payload system as well as intelligent flight capabilities.

This platform has a quick-removal payload design and can carry a variety of payloads such as super-high definition visible & thermal cameras (with a gimbal system). The modularity as well as the ease and speed in which payloads can be removed makes the SAGA Drone highly versatile and capable of performing different aerial tasks from surveillance and data gathering to tracking and interaction.

The SAGA Drone is configured with an "Intelligent Vision System" which provides advanced forward & downward vision awareness which enables the drone to actively avoid collision with obstacles, with the added ability of tracking & visually circling an object.

Three flight modes are supported with this model. Standard GPS mode (P); which utilises GPS and the "Intelligent Vision System" to enable precise hovering and intelligent flight controls. The second is Sport mode (F), which uses GPS only to enable precise hovering. The drones handling sensitivity is also adjusted along with an increase in maximum flight speed. The third is Altitude mode (A), which is used at extreme heights and focuses on altitude stabilisation.

The drone also has an Automatic Return Home (RTH) function which activates through either pilot command, low power or with signal loss. This safety feature minimises the chances of losing your SAGA Drone.

Data from the SAGA Drone can be transmitted up to 10km (0.6 miles) in real time, including HD photos & videos and the unit ' s removable large capacity battery pack (12000mAh) grants a maximum flight time of up to 39 minutes. This drone can also support a super-heavy take-off weight of 3.4kg.

LED indicators can be found on the front and back of the unit. These LED ' s help the pilot by indicating the drone ' s status (power, calibration, battery levels, etc.).

This product has a wide operating temperature (-10 to 50) and a high level of protection, rated IP43 for protection from against solid objects larger than 1mm, as well as against water spray up to 60 degrees from a vertical position. This makes the SAGA Drone a good choice for outdoor environments with varying physical & environmental conditions.

The SAGA Drone comes with a highly intuitive handheld controller which is compatible with smartphones (via the dedicated free App), complete with phone attachment and physical connection capability for seamless operation. Smartphones can be used as a camera display with the SAGA drone ' s corresponding camera payload (if the camera payload option is used).

The dedicated App, in addition to allowing a smartphone to operate as a camera display screen, offers the pilot real-time flight weather readouts, viewing of indexes suitable for the flight, appearance display of the drone, drone status info, recording, mapping, automatic return home (RTH), route planning, media gallery and more.

When not in use, the SAGA Drones propellers and landing gear can foldaway, making the unit easier to pack and handle.


  • Max. Flight Altitude: 3500m
  • Max. Tolerable Wind Speed: 10m/s
  • Max. Horizontal Flight Speed: 15m/s (sport mode, sea level/ no wind)
  • Max. Flight Time: 39 minutes
  • Satellite Positioning System: GPS/GLONASS Dual Mode
  • Hover Accuracy (P-GPS): Vertical: ±0.5m (downward vision system: ±0.1m) | Horizontal: ±1.5m (downward vision system: ±0.3m)
  • Video Transmission & Control Distance: 10km
  • Smart Function: 2D mapping, 3D mapping, waypoint
  • IP Protection Level: IP43
  • Max. Payload Weight: 1kg
  • Max. Take-Off Weight: 3.4kg
  • Dimensions: 745x555x225mm (unfolded) | 273x224x107mm (folded)

Additional Functions

  • Foldable design
  • Highly portable
  • Intelligent controls
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Compatible universal payload
  • Long flight time
  • Long distance operation & transmission
  • Open SDK
  • Significant maximum take-off weight
  • Vision positioning system
  • Quadruple propeller blades
  • Fast processor speed
  • Customisable App user interface