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Hazard 4 Help & Advice


The HardPoint™ System is a new way for users to get the most out of their Hazard 4 packs. Designed for Hazard 4 hardshell bags and some softshell variants, users simply attach one of a variety of rubber polymer loops to the double grommets of their pack.

The different pieces help perform different functions, such as attaching valves and wires or mounting extra pouches and utility panels. The HardPoint™ loops also work on a double-sided method meaning users can have them placed both externally and internally.

How It Works:

1.) Locate the double grommets on the bag
2.) Select the loop style you wish to attach
3.) Place the loop(s) on one or both sides of the grommets
4.) Use the screw/nuts to secure the loops
5.) Seal the screw/nut heads with the supplied covers
6.) Finally, attach the desired accessory to your Hardpoint™ System and enjoy!

Hardpoint™ Products

Click the Links below to see Hardpoint™ Attachment System products:

SG1 Stop Gap-1

LDL1 Light Duty Loop-1

HardPoint™ Hardware Kit

HardPoint™ Kit #1


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