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Immersive Optics Help & Advice

Setting-Up Your Immersive Optics Scope

All Immersive Optics scopes are provided with a rifle mount.

The MOA adjustable mounts supplied with the scope allow the user to preset the incline on the scope. This feature enables the user to avoid a rather common problem - running out of adjustment space when dialling for elevation.

The set comes with three types of rails short, medium and long. This allows the user to mount the scope on a variety of rifles (See FAQ section for rifle compatibility).

All optics come with a pre-installed medium length rail attached, which is set at "0" MOA.

To install another rail:

- Undo the three screws from beneath the rail, remove the rail and replace it with one of the alternatives.
- Once completed, lock the screw back into place.

To adjust the MOA:

- Loosen the previously mentioned screws just enough to allow the scope to be lifted and repositioned.
- Once you have your desired MOA, tighten the three screws back into place.

When tightening the ring mounting screws, please start with the top front screw, gradually working your way backwards down the scope. Then move onto the screws below and do the same. Repeat the steps if the screws remain too loose.

DO NOT USE excessive force when tightening the screws as this can damage the product.

If you are still unsure on how to perform this process, please consult the user manual or contact for more information.

Unscrew the battery container cover located on the side turret, then insert a 1x CR2032 battery into the container. Remember to observe the polarity of the battery ("-" side facing outwards).

Next screw the battery container cover back on.

To activate the reticle illumination function, press the illumination button located on the side turret.

The illumination level can be adjusted by repeatedly pressing the button. Please note, the illumination level cycles up until the highest level is achieved, and then will return to the lowest level if the button is pressed further.

To switch the illumination function off, press and hold the illumination button for 3 seconds.

To adjust the eyepiece aim the scope at a well-lit background and turn the eyepiece left or right until the aiming mark is sharpest.

Rotate the focus knob to focus on the target.

Your scope comes with a set of distance stickers which, when attached to the focusing knob, allow the user to estimate the distance to the target.

Focus the scope on a target of known distance to calibrate the focusing knob. Once this has been achieved, cut and place the corresponding distance number onto the side of the focusing knob.

Please note that this task must be done in a safe environment.

Unscrew the protective caps from both turrets, then set the target at the distance you want your scope to be zeroed in on.

Take a shot, and by operating the elevation and windage turrets, bring the crosshair precisely into the point of impact.

After the scope is zeroed, both turrets need to be set to zero. Loosen the three grub screws until the turret is disengaged and can be freely rotated.

Turn the turret until the "0" mark aligns with the mark on the three grub screws.


Immersive Optics scopes are recommended for rifles with little to no recoil.

Warranty & Care

The manufacturer provides warranty for its products against material and workmanship defects for a period of 3 years, starting from the day of purchase.

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

- The device has been modified or tampered with;
- The device has been dropped or has marks suggesting mechanical damage;
- The device has been tampered with by an unauthorised repairer; in the event that a warranty repair service is required, please contact the distributor. Any product returned under warranty should be safely packaged to prevent damage in transit. In addition, it must be accompanied with the following items:

- Letter explaining the units problem
- Copy of the original receipt showing when and where the product was purchased.
- Return shipping information, including return address and contact details.

Contact for further information.

Optical surfaces should only be cleaned using the optical soft cloth supplied with the scope or with a similar quality cloth. Do not apply force when cleaning. If you are not going to use the scope for a long time, please remove the battery.

If you require any help and advice about our products, please contact us:

t: 01789 264100
f: 01789 264200