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Inteliscope Help & Advice


Customers will be delighted to know that they can now convert their inteliscope product into a low cost thermal weapon site. This can be done by purchasing a Seek Bracket Kit w/Cables in addition to a Seek Thermal Compact series thermal imager.

Click here to view Seek Thermal Imagers or click here to view the Seek Bracket Kit w/Cables


No. There is a tool in the sight-in window that allows you to line up an arrow with a feature on the mount. This allows you to put the phone in exactly the same place after removing it so you don’t need to sight it in every time. Also, we recommend using a phone case with a flat back, otherwise it can rock a little when you attach it which can cause problems with accuracy. Download the Manual to learn how to sight-in the Inteliscope App.

The app captures real-time local prevailing wind direction and velocity in the heads up display. This is downloaded from the weather service.


Yes. The Inteliscope PRO+ mount already works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ as well as the Galaxy Note and any other smartphone for that matter. The app will work on any phone that runs the most current version of iOS or Android.


Yes you can. With the latest Inteliscope app – Just select the video tab in settings, tap the video you want to record, and select “send” in the upper right corner. You will receive an email with a YouTube link including the complete video.

Yes. Simply tap the reticle at the center of the screen, select the level of zoom you like, and tap the black numbers to return to shooting mode.


99.9% of the time a customer has any trouble with the app not working quite right it is due to the version of operating system they have on their phone. Install the latest OS on your phone to fix the problem.

This is a common issue that is super easy to fix… Go into your phones display settings (not the Inteliscope’s settings) and toggle the feature that allows auto rotation – done!

The App is free and available for download from major app stores.


Currently there are 4 standard reticles in the software. Additional reticle packs are available as in-app purchases.


Inteliscope customers have shot thousands of rounds with the Inteliscope PRO+ and to date there have been no known recoil damage to smartphones. For more information please read this article: Will Recoil Hurt My Phone?