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ShooterKing Help & Advice


Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive 2019 ShooterKing New Collections Brochure.

Please find below The Thomas Jacks Limited, interactive 2018 ShooterKing Brochure.


ShooterKing warrants to the original purchaser, with proof of purchase, that its delivered products shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of 2 years.


Shooterking clothing with a waterproof, breathable Shoottex® membrane must be washed at 30°C with a gentle spin.

Remember to close all zippers and any straps before washing and avoid detergent in powder form, fabric softener, stain remover and bleach, as these products will decrease the performance of the membrane. We recommend Nikwax TechWash. Shooterking clothing with Shoottex® membranes must hang-dry and not tumbledry.

PLEASE NOTE: All washing instructions are as recommended by the manufacturer.

Wearing the correct clothing is important; knowing how to wear them is vital. Learn how to layer-up like a pro! CLICK HERE!.


Men's Size Chart (inch/cm)
Size   S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL
A Chest 41/104 42.5/108 44/112 46/116 47.5/120 49/124 50.5/128 52/132
B Collar (inches) 15.3/15.7 15.7/16.1 16.1/16.5 16.5/16.9 16.9/17.3 17.3/17.7 17.7/18.1 18.1/18.5
C Sleeve (cm) 62 64 65 66 68 69 71 72
D Waist 32/84 34/88 36/92 38/98 40/102 42/108 44/112 46/116
E Hip 38.5/98 40/102 41.5/106 44/112 45.5/116 47/120 48.5/124 50/128
F In-Seam Length 32/81.5 32/81.5 32/81.5 32/81.5 32/81.5 32/81.5 32/81.5 32/81.5

Womens Size Chart (inch/cm)            
Size   XS S L XL
A Bust 35.5/90 37/94 38.5/98 40/102 41.5/106
B Collar (cm) 37 38 39 40 41
C Sleeve (cm) 57 58 60 61 63
D Waist 27/70 29/74 31/78 32/82 34/86
E Hip 35.5/90 37/94 38.5/98 40/102 41.5/106
F In-Seam Length 31.5/80 31.5/80 31.5/80 31.5/80 31.5/80

Cap and Hat Size Chart        
CM 55/56 57/58 59/60 61/62

Dog Vest Size Chart
A 30cm/12in 37cm/14.5in 38cm/15in 40cm/15.5in 43cm/17in 43cm/41.5in
B 22cm/8.5in 23cm/9in 24cm/9.5in 25cm/10in 26cm/10in 26cm/16.5in
C 35cm/14in 35cm/14in 40cm/15.5in 42cm/16.5in 44cm/17in 48cm/25in
D 45cm/18in 46cm/18in 51cm/20in 53cm/21in 54cm/21in 55cm/34in
E 40cm/16in 46cm/18in 47cm/18.5in 51cm/20in 52cm/20.5in 52cm/41.5in
F 15cm/6in 16cm/6in 16cm/6in 16cm/6in 16cm/6in 18cm/31.5in

SEALGAIR PRO 250-G      

An extra hardwearing fabric that has been constructed from Cordura Nylon 66, which is made to tackle adverse weather and some of the more challenging tasks in the outdoors.

SEALGAIR PRO 250-G is the strongest and most durable of all fabrics. This fabric also remains lightweight at 24g/m2 and quiet. The Teflon coating makes it water and dirt repellent. SEALGAIR PRO 250-G offers the best for outdoor enthusiasts and hunters alike, improving overall performance.

Forest Mist      

Inspired by nature throughout the seasons, the Forest Mist Digital Camouflage has been developed based on ShooterKing’s well-known Digitex pattern. Forest Mist combines six colours and has been specially designed so that it is concealed from the animals view. It adapts varying light levels, as well as foliage and landscapes. 

The Forest Mist fabric is well suited to the rural landscapes of Scandinavia and Scotland. Forest Mist camouflage has undergone professional testing, in real life hunting activities, where it has been proven hunters can get closer to their target.

Hunt Lite 3L      

Developed for use in active hunting activities, such as deer stalking, moose and wild boar hunting. 

Hunters have been requesting more functionality and adaptability within the clothing that they wear and we believe the new Hunt Lite 3L premium fabric satisfies this request.

Hunt Lite 3L is extremely lightweight (a medium sized Jacket weighs only 750g), whilst being waterproof, windproof, breathable, highly stretchable, soft, quiet and the 3 layer (3L) construction makes it highly durable.

Active hunting requires long treks and Hunt Lite 3L guarantees comfort in the great outdoors with its laminated membrane, providing 10,000mm of waterproofness, as well as high breathability that reaches a higher level of 14,000g/m2/24hrs.


A Nylon fabric known world wide for its water-resistance, strength, and soft feel. Used in a wide variety of products including military grade equipment.

Super Canvas®      

Is a high-tech fabric made from 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton with a coating of Bee's Wax. Known for being highly water-resistant, windproof, fast drying, insect resistant, extremely durable, lightweight as well as soft.

Anti-Mosquito and Anti-Zect      

shooterKing uses anti-insect technology on some of their products to help reduce insect irritation. ShooterKing products with this treatment can bear multiple washes up to 30 times.


Rally is a fabric which is Cordura Nylon 50% and Cotton 50% blended fabric. It keeps all the strong points from Cordura. But it feels more like cotton. It is still extremely strong, but soft, very comfortable to wear, no noise, quick drying and light.

Mossy Oak      

Mossy Oak is a West Point, Mississippi-based branded camouflage and outdoor lifestyle company founded by Toxey Haas in 1986. ShooterKing uses Mossy Oak Camo Patterns, in its clothing range.


SHOOTTEX® membrane uses the latest technology resulting in incredible features, being; waterproof (10,000mm), windproof and breathability (10,000G/SQM/24HR). It can evaporate sweat quickly, keeping your body dry and comfortable. SHOOTTEX® PTFE membrane is a great breakthrough in scientific and technological fields. Therefore, it's called "breathable and all sides functional fabric".


Thinsulate insulation works by trapping air molecules. The more air a material traps in a given space, the greater its insulating value. Because the microfibres in Thinsulate insulation are far finer than other fibres, they trap more air in less space, which naturally makes it a better insulator.


An elasticated material which is lightweight and fitting.


A PTFE coating that helps repel water and stains in some ShooterKing products, also known to increase drying speed.


A branded technology that allows for maximum moisture evapouration from skin and clothes whilst retaining warmth.


A branded technology that provides warmth and insulation.


A synthetic insulator that is eco-friendly as well as fast-drying and super lightweight. A viable alternative to organic insulation.

FORTIS Cordura      

More and more professional hunters are asking for trousers that allow them to walk through brambles and needle leaves without them penetrating the membrane causing injuries to legs. At the same time, they want a solution that is a lighter weight and offers better ventilation than a gaiter.

The solution is garments made from the FORTIS Cordura fabric.

The FORTIS Cordura fabric is a 250g/sqm weight fabric that is highly water repellent. With FORTIS Cordura hunters do not need gaiters for extra protection. FORTIS Cordura is probably stronger than any other existing hunting clothing fabrics. It is extremely durable, strong and reliable.

Trim: Refers to extra layers of material, usually above the Shell, for decoration and/ or reinforcing a garment.

Shell: The outer layer of a garment.

Lining: The inner most layer of a garment.