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Spypoint Electronic Ear Muffs EEM4-25 (10x)


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Electronic Ear Muffs EEM4-25 (10x)

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Electronic Ear Muffs EEM4-25 - Camo



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Electronic Ear Muffs EEM4-25 (10x)

Product Description

The amplified ear-muffs include 4 microphones to enable better hearing enhancement. It increases from 10 times low sounds like voices, animal sounds and leaf noises and also decreases violent sounds and harmful noises (more than 85dB) like gun shots. The EEM4-25 model includes an external microphone which permits you to pick up sounds outside your hunting stand when inside. The amplified ear-muffs allow hunters to benefit from an isolation which permits them to be highly concentrated during a shooting situation. Available in Camo or Army Green.

• Enhances hearing by 10 times
• 4 microphones
• Plug in for external microphone
• Omni directional mics for a 360° surround sound
• 4 x "N" batteries (LR1) included
• External Microphone (MIC-EEM) included
• Independent volume control on each side (On/Off)
• Hearing protection
• Sound active compression (SAC) to reduce sounds to safe levels (? 85dB)
• Adjustable padded headband