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Trade Only Supplier: Call or Contact us to find your local dealer on +44 (0)1789 264100
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plusminus Why are there no prices on your website?

Thomas Jacks Ltd are a distributor and as such only supply trade customers. We do not sell direct to the public. If you are a retailer and would like to sell our products please contact us on 01789 264100.


plusminus Do you drop-ship?

Thomas Jacks Ltd will not send any items to members of the public and therefore do not drop-ship. If you are a retailer and would like to sell our products please contact us on 01789 264100.


plusminus Can I come and look at some night vision because I am interested in buying some?

We are always happy to try and help out people if they would like to view a product before buying. We have a 22 metre dark tunnel so you won't have to wait until it is dark, all we would ask is for you could phone us and make an appointment - please remember that we do not sell direct to the public.


plusminus I cannot get my night vision device to work?

Check that there is a fully working battery in the unit. If it is a rechargeable battery then make sure that it is charged. Ensure the battery cap has located correctly and is screwed down properly.


plusminus I can not get my night vision device to focus?

Make sure that the eyepiece and the lens are screwed in properly.


plusminus Can I use the night vision device in daytime?

You can providing you leave the lens cap on. There is a tiny hole in the lens cap to enable this but we would not advise it because it will shorten the life of the tube.


plusminus Can I record what I see at night?

There is a MPR (Mobile Player Recorder) available which is best used with the Ranger Digital and comes as a kit (28041VK).


plusminus Are there meant to be black spots on the screen?

These are called blemishes and in the instruction manual there will be an imaging target sheet. Compare the blemishes on your night vision device to that and if you are unsure the unit can be sent back to us and we will check it for you.


plusminus Can I attach night vision to the back of my day scope?

Yes you can add a (DSA) Day Scope Adapter to the unit. We have 2 types, one for Yukon and one for Cobra Optics. You can view these in the weapon sights if you are looking to buy the full system (night vision monocular and DSA) or if you have the night vision device already you can find the DSA in night vision accessories.


Basic Guide To Night Vision


Open/Download the Document (PDF) [396KB]

This Basic Guide to Night Vision provides information on how night vision works, how to get the best performance from a device and how to prolong the life of any night vision unit.