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Trade Only Supplier: Call or Contact us to find your local dealer on +44 (0)1789 264100
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Night Vision

We distribute a comprehensive range of night vision that will suit almost any budget or application. Our night vision uses image intensifier tubes ranging from Gen 1 to Gen 3 and we have digital units too. We supply dealers with Night Vision Monoculars, Binoculars, Bioculars, Goggles and Weapon Scopes. We also supply a wide range of night vision accessories. Click on a brand to see their Night Vision units.

Cobra Optics
Adventure Lights
Yukon Advanced Optics
Night Vision Devices
Thermal Imaging

We supply compact, lightweight and high performance uncooled hand held thermal monoculars and bioculars. Selected Thermal units have built-in recorders where footage is stored on a removable memory card. For law enforcement agencies and military professionals we can also provide weapon and head mounted thermal imagers. Click on a brand to see their Thermal Imaging units.

Cobra Optics
Guide Infrared
Seek Thermal
Thermal/IR Patches

For law enforcement agencies and military professionals we can provide thermal and IR reflective identification patches. Contact us to discuss your requirement.

Day Optics

We provide dealers with cost effective high performance binoculars, spotting scopes and weapon scopes. We also have innovative multi-functional units such as binoculars with built in laser rangefinders. To see any of our Day Optics click on a brand.

Yukon Advanced Optics
Immersive Optics
Laser Rangefinders

We have a number of compact, high accuracy, Laser Rangefinders in our product range. Click on a brand to see their Laser Rangefinders.

Cobra Optics
Lights & Beacons

We offer a range of lighting products to our dealers. Whether you are looking for something to be seen by, or to see with, we will have a solution from compact concealed lighting products, to programmable robust lights that are in use around the world. We also have a large range of MilSpec chemical light sticks available by Illumiglow. Click on a brand logo to find out more.

Adventure Lights
Trail/Surveillance Camera

We distribute the entire SpyPoint range of digital trail cameras. Whether your customers are looking for a camera to monitor wildlife or security, SpyPoint will have a model. Many cameras now have a fully covert flash which produces high quality black and white images at night without disturbing the subject. Click on the SpyPoint logo to find out more.

Digital Night Vision

We can supply dealers with digital night vision ranging from hand held monoculars to weapon mounted scopes. We also have an extensive range of accessories dedicated to digital night vision products. Digital night vision is highly resistant to bright light exposure and many models come with built-in recording facilities. Click on a brand to find out more.

Yukon Advanced Optics
Aiming & Illumination

Handheld & weapon mounted aiming and illumination devices

Bags & Cases

We offer dealers traditional messenger bags/ditch bags as well as number of sling packs and item specific luggage such as camera bags and weapon bags. The bags we have on offer are highly durable and customisable and are squarely aimed at the tactical user. Find out more by clicking on the brand logo.

Hazard 4
Crib Gogh

We have a range of gloves that offer protection from the elements, flames and sharp objects whilst maintaining maximum dexterity. We also have a collection of hats, polo shirts, ponchos and wet wear aimed at the tactical user. Click on a logo to find out more about clothing from those brands.

Hazard 4
Protective Eyewear

We carry the full range of Wiley X eyewear, their tactical range, which includes goggles and changeables, provides high velocity impact protection - certain models will protect the eyes from a shotgun blast at 10 metres. Wiley X’s fashion eyewear maintains many of the tactical models features. Most of Wiley X’s range can be fitted with prescription lenses. Click on the logo to find out more.

Hazard 4
Weapon Mounts



Temp Holding Area

Drones & Drone Related Products

Guide Infrared


About Thomas Jacks

A warm welcome from the team at Thomas Jacks

Consumer & Commercial Products

Thomas Jacks Ltd is possibly best known for the Cobra Optics, Pulsar and Yukon brands of Night Vision equipment which we exclusively distribute in the UK via our network of retail partners.

Thomas Jacks offer the largest range of consumer/commercial night vision in the UK - currently numbering over 80 models and, with up to 13 image intensifier tube choices, this gives over 400 individual night scope options.

With specifications available from entry-level consumer to professional, the range includes monocular, binocular, biocular, goggle (NVG) and weapon scope designs. Image intensifier tubes available include Gen 2+, XD-4, XR-5, Echo, Echo Plus*, 4G* and Gen 3*. In addition to green phosphor, we also offer white phosphor/Onyx variants of Gen 3 and Photonis image intensifier tubes. Our portfolio also features the largest range of digital night vision devices currently available.

With such a large and diverse range there should be a model that suits almost any requirement, whether it be casual or professional wildlife observation, conservation, home or professional security, land management, gamekeeping, pest control, marine, emergency services or search & rescue.

Thomas Jacks Ltd is the exclusive UK & Eire distributor for Adventure Lights, Cobra Optics, Conotec, Hazard 4, KinetiXx, Laserluchs, Immersive Optics, Innomount, Lions Gear Solutions, Pulsar, Samson Manufacturing, Sharpal, Seek Thermal, Shooterking, SiOnyx, SpyPoint, Vosker and Yukon Advanced Optics. We are also the sole authorised UK distributor for Gerber in the country sports, tactical, Government Agency and security markets. Our product ranges include image intensified and digital night vision, thermal imagers, safety lights, personal identification beacons, eyesafe IR illuminators, trail/wildlife cameras, day optics, tactical/PPE gloves and tactical gear.

Please note that we are a trade-only supplier and, as such, the range of products we distribute is available only through high street retailers, mail order catalogues, internet resellers and selected wholesalers.

No matter the brand or product we offer, our basic principles always remain the same: the design must be functional, performance the best in its class and the quality and features unmatched at the price.

Family owned and run, we pride ourselves on offering over 25 years experience in the night vision market, excellent personal service, first rate technical knowledge and a market leading backup service. And, unlike some of our competitors, we do not make performance claims for our products that cannot be met.

* Restricted for sale to Government agencies only.

Military & Law Enforcement Products

Thomas Jacks Ltd have exclusive UK distribution for a number of brands and a large range of products offering COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf), MOTS (Military Off The Shelf) and custom solutions for the law enforcement, emergency services, Government agency and military markets.

Due to the sensitive nature and restrictions placed on military-grade equipment, especially those that are ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations) controlled, a great deal of what Thomas Jacks Ltd offer to the law enforcement and military community can only be supplied directly to the end-user. Some unrestricted products can be supplied through trade partners who demonstrate a history of working directly with law enforcement and military customers and can evidence the reporting and compliance procedures we require.

We are the exclusive UK distributor for ADA (Australian Defence Apparel), Adventure Lights, Alien Gear Holsters, Cobra Optics, KinetiXx, Night Vision Devices, Norotos, Pulsar, SaintPro, Samson Manufacturing, Sharpal, Shooterking, SiOnyx, Viridian Weapon Technologies, Vosker, W+R PRO and Yukon Advanced Optics. We are also an authorised UK distributor for BLOC Tactical, Direct Action, Fujinon, Gerber, Leica, Lynred USA, Nanuk, Opticron, Thermoteknix and Torfino Enterprises to the law enforcement, emergency services, Government agency, tactical and security markets.

Our product offering is extensive and includes Overt/Covert Personal Identification Beacons, Safety Lights, Helmet Lights, Vest Lights, Tactical Lights, Weapon Lights/Lasers, Infrared Vehicle Lights, Portable Remote Control LZ/DZ/HLZ Lighting solutions, Rugged Miniature Red Dot Sights, Telescopic Sights, Night Vision solutions, Camera-mounted Night Vision systems, Thermal Imagers, Laser Rangefinders, Laser Aimers/Illuminators, Hand-held Metal Detectors, Plate Carriers, Ballistic Armour, Ballistic Helmets, Protective Clothing, Tactical/PPE Gloves, Tactical Gear, MilSpec Hard Cases, Knives, Multitools, Day Optics including Binoculars, Monoculars and Spotting Scopes.

Working closely with our customers, including the Ministry of Defence, Police Forces, Fire, Rescue and Ambulance Services, the Environment Agency and other Government Agencies, we ensure that they receive a product that matches, or exceeds, their requirements. Our customer commitment and the close working relationships we have with all the brands we distribute means that we have established an enviable reputation of supplying, on time and within budget, COTS, MOTS and custom solutions that meet or exceed the end-users specific operational requirements.

As a company, we are committed to providing excellent customer service, technical and product backup. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

For more information, call 01789 264100 or use our contact form.